Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I spend my quiet time today asking the Lord to send me a friend. I asked for someone who I could invite over to my house for a meal or chai... Well, the Lord is not slow in keeping His promises! I went to my language class and there was an Indian girl who was learning how to help people learn Hindi. She is really sweet and we hit it off immediately. She was just observing, but it was conversation class, so I included her in our conversation and we had so many laughs! By the end of the hour and a half class, we had a plan to eat lunch at my house and then go to the market for some shopping. I was so excited that the Lord answered my pr so quickly! She is not from this city, or the city where we are going, so I was a bit sad to realize that she was only in town for three days. But I felt like the Lord was renewing my confidence in Him... He sent me a friend that I made in just a few minutes... and He can send me many more, if I just keep my eyes open and take advantage of the opportunities to meet people. Ryan also had made a new friend a few days ago and he wanted Ryan to help him with his guitar playing. So he came over last night for a little lesson and so I made some cookies and chai for us after the lesson. It was amazing to see once again, "Before they call, I will answer: While they are still speaking I will hear." Isaiah 65:24 Before I even asked him, He sent a friend for me to our city, and he gave Ryan a guy to play guitar and practice Hindi with... and all in one day, I had Indian friends over for chai, and a meal! Amazing!

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