Monday, November 7, 2011

I love the music in South Asia... I love the chords and the interesting and very non-western sounding melodies. But one of the things that i love most is seeing people really worship the one true God in a place where that is not normal... We went to a ch'ch yesterday... a whole group of young people were up on the stage singing as if their life depended on it! and a keyboard, drum set, and guitar. It was not the traditional dholak and harmonium like I love, but you could tell for these young believers, this is their kind of music and it was great to see them worship. This link is not the people we heard, but it is a group from the city where we are moving and it is a lively version. The title is Yeshu Tere Naam, and it means, "Jesus, your name is above all names." Hope you enjoy listening to it too!

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