Monday, November 7, 2011


I LOVE FALL! I was thinking this time of the year was going to be one of the hardest times of the year to be on the other side of the world, but God knows what little things we need to feel at home. You can't beat the cool breeze and the smell of nutmeg and fresh cooked PUMPKIN! I asked my language helper if they had ever heard of a big, orange pumpkin. She said there is pumpkin, but its green or yellow not orange. I first found a little one and it worked, but I heard from others that they found a big one and I knew I needed to go to a bigger vegetable place so I could find a bigger pumpkin. They are called Kad-du. They are actually not as big or round as most pumpkins I have cut. It was quite a bit flatter, but i went ahead and tried it anyway. I started by cutting a hole in the top and pulled out all the strings and seeds. Then I started cutting the edge. It took forever to get it all cut! I felt like it kept growing and growing. I cut it into cubes and cooked it. I did not have a pot big enough, so i had to boil it in three pots! (and we only have two burners so it really did take a while!) Once it was cooked I mashed it with a potato masher I just found here. I would rather use a blender, but I have not purchased one with 220 volts yet. I am waiting until we get to Mumbai to get most of my utensils and appliances. It ended up making about 8 cups of pumpkin! I am prepared for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. 

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  1. Fun times! Next time, have the subji walla cut it up for you, and you can bake it or pressure cook it as well. ; )