Monday, February 4, 2013

Gotcha day!

OH WOW! I can hardly believe that it is here... our boys are with us and we are a FOREVER FAMILY! It felt really REAL last night and Daniel cried without stop for over an hour at 1am. Nothing worked to calm him down, but Ryan and I took shifts to try to settle the poor guy down. Ryan started singing hymns to him which finally helped him to sleep again.

So I can't hardly figure out where to start! Our lives just turned upside down in the most GLORIOUS and perfectly GOD way... and i hardly believe that at this moment, my little precious babies are sleeping soundly in the little beds, and we are FAMILY FOREVER!

Daniel had some rough moments when we came to get him. He has become VERY attached to his nanny since we left him in November. When we were here for court, he was SO happy and giggly and never once appeared to not want to be with us. Well, we walk in, calmly so as to not overwhelm them, and he sees us, and starts to cry. Everytime he saw my face, he wanted to cry. Knowing in my deepest heart that this was "normal" I tried to not let it bother me that MY baby, who we have spent the last year trudging through countless hours of paperwork, not to mention expense to bring HOME is not wanting anything to do with me. I sat on the floor, playing with some of the other kids, and I started singing. The nannies seemed to love listening, and one little girl was fascinated with it. It helped him feel more at ease and he warmed up to us eventually. Not too many smiles from him this day... but more have come since then!

Josiah had no issues and came right to me and started to do his signature squeal of delight and he was attached to me hip for the rest of the day. And ever since. He is totally a Momma's Boy and he loves going around in the baby carrier. I took him out shopping with some friends, and he was content to hangout, sleep, and take his bottle without once whining and trying to get out. He has started rolling over and trying to sit up on his own. He also stands with help and seems EAGER to get moving somehow. This kid is READY for action!

We are SO blessed that Jan 22 was our GOTCHA day! We will never forget that feeling of seeing their sweet faces again and then walking out of the door... the nannies with tears in their eyes waving goodbye... and us holding our precious little gifts from God, knowing our lives will never be the same again! Glory to God alone!