Monday, October 24, 2011


There has been so much going on since my last blog, it might take a few to catch up with where we are. We loved our two months in Virginia and the new friends we made. The hard part was the actual saying goodbye to family and friends, knowing it would be a while til we saw them again. Skype keeps us on the same page, so we are really blessed to be going out at this time in history. (the trash truck is outside beeping his horn... about a hundred times just to make sure you are awake and brought your trash out already! There are lots of things I love about this culture, but the horns and other incessant noises are not it!) We really feel like this is home, even though we are in a temporary house and we know this is just the first three months, but its still our South Asian home. Our home is small but has everything we need. The weather is so nice that we have not closed most of our windows since we got here. There are fans, but we rarely need to use them.

We have spent much of our time finding things around the city (no Target or Walmart here... you have to go to five shops to get the five things you need. The first day I looked around the house and made a list of what it needed to feel more liveable. I had a long list and after going to the biggest market for a few hours, I had only found a couple of things. I got discouraged and felt like I had lost of touch of finding what I needed. Then I remembered how long it took me to get house set up the first time I was here and how long it takes to know where you can find everything in the city. The next day we went out with a list knowing what I needed and where I could find it... and I accomplished everything on my list! It felt so nice to feel like i could accomplish something again!

This picture is from my kitchen window... in the perfect time of day. There is about 1 1/2 minutes of perfection: right when the sun sets over the hills the whole kitchen sparkles with an amber haze and I cannot help but feel completely in awe of God's grace that he has given us through creation. And I get to experience part of it through my own kitchen! WOW! At 5:40 these days, you know where you can find me!