Thursday, September 3, 2015

The next Adventure!

No beating around the bush with this announcement... but WE ARE ADOPTING AGAIN! We are over the moon excited about the journey that lies before us. We are pursuing a little one from China. The boys are so pumped about the prospect of a sister. They talk about her already and they hope she likes to dance with scarves to "Let it Go" and the color purple. Ryan and I just joked that we must be crazy to go through all this again- but we know it's not just about us wanting to grow the family or have a little girl... it's about the Love of the Father who desires for all orphans to become loved daughters and sons, and sisters and brothers. He desires for all people to have a chance to know Him and His love for them and have the chance to accept Him as their Savior. And that thought just humbles me to the core. That He would have made a little precious one that I get to LOVE and kiss good night... and that I get to teach to ride a bike and to bake cookies... that I will sing happy birthday too every year, even though I did not actually birth her. wow. He has already taught me such amazing things through our boys and their little hearts full of energy and enthusiasm... and also that our hearts are full of evil and selfishness and no matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. But the great gift of grace of the cross that gives us hope and sets us free from guilt. What a blessing to look into the faces of our kiddos and see the unmerited favor of our Lord.  I LOVE ADOPTION!