Friday, December 2, 2011

Chili- South Asain Style!

Chili has always been a necessity at my house... as soon as there is even the tiniest chilly breeze, Daddy would gather up all the ingredients and with a cheerful smile, we would chop up all the vegetables and thaw some meat.  Being in South Asia, meat is harder to find and so, i have found ways to substitute. When I lived here before, my roommate and I tried many different ways and here is a picture of the ingredients and a how-to!

The beans here are not from a can, so you must soak them overnight... then cook them in a pressure cooker for about 20 minutes. Cut up your onions, bell peppers, and tomatos. In Hindi they are, Pyaz, Shimla Mirch, and Tomater. Then the secret ingredient is beef bullion. This should come from America... they don't make it here! Mix that into hot water and then add Nutrela. This is dried Soy granules. They soak up the bullion and take on the taste of what you soak them in, so they taste somewhat like beef! In a big frying pan, cook the granules and the vegetables. Add the beans, some tomato sauce and some Chili seasoning.  I also get my chili seasoning packets from America, so the chili seems to taste a little more like home. I am sure if i played around with it, I could find the right spices here. This is the land of spice! Hope this little how-to makes you smile! Blessings!

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