Friday, December 2, 2011

6 Things I learned in a Punjabi Village

1. Turbans don't have to match your outfit, but since many people have more than 7, it is possible!

2. They are the ULTIMATE food pushers! ALL day LONG!

3. Girls at a Nursing hostel were as giggly as group of junior high girls at a sleepover! (I was the first American they had talked to... they all want me to get them a job in America! There were about 40 in one small room! Ryan called them an Army when they walked out following me!)

4. Even when they don't have extra money, they are always willing to offer food to anyone around at mealtime.

5. Hair is really important. Sikh's don't cut their hair, and everyman has a big beard, and in the early morning, it is down out of their turbans and if you go walking early, you might catch a glimpse of a guy brushing out his LONG, slightly stringy never been cut hair! But even the Christians who do cut their hair make sure their hair is nice and oiled.

6. When they start singing praise songs to Jesus, plan on being there another few hours!

ALSO, there are ALWAYS LOTS OF Smiles and Laughs to go around!

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