Monday, April 22, 2013

Three months home!

Our little boys are growing so fast!!! One the one hand, they are still small; healthy appetites, but still fitting in their 3month clothes... But they are getting smarter everyday. They are so loving and will let most anyone pick them up, as long as they know that Momma and Daddy are near by.

So they have been with us for three months... Jan 22 to April 22... I can hardly believe its been that long. I thought there was no way that I could love them anymore than I already did, but its true that love keeps getting bigger and with each new morning, I am greeted by their little smiles and my heart grows deeper in love with these two precious brown faces.

Josiah... He's our little adventurer. This kid can get ALL over the house and is pulling up on anything he can. He wants to be where ever Momma is, and is always "helping" her to cook dinner! He gets to play with the mixing bowls and spatulas, which he LOVES. He can pull up on my leg and has the sweetest little, "please pick me up" (puppy-ish) look that I rarely can say no to! He puts himself to sleep at nap time when I set him in his crib. So precious. He loves all kinds of toys and usually the one he wants is the one Daniel is holding or some part of momma's craft project. He does not like to be left out. He eats EVERYTHING he has been given and if he sees we are eating a meal without him, he gets upset and wants to eat big people food, even though he is NOT hungry because he just ate. The power of suggestion. And, its amazing what this kid wants to eat even without any teeth! He loves the roti (indian flat bread) and just one will keep him occupied for about half an hour! He LOVES his brother and likes to kiss and hug him, even though it might be a bit more "powerful" than Daniel would like (as he gets tackled on the floor!)

Daniel... this kid is so special. His smile can win over the gruffest looking uncle and before you know it, the uncle is smiling as big as Daniel! He loves to play with toys on the floor, but he is still not quite ready to crawl. He is starting to get frustrated that he can't reach something, so I don't think it will be too long before they are both all over the house. I will take my sweet sit-in-one-place-kid for a while longer: little buddy... take your time learning to crawl! The closest he has gotten to a crawl is more like a superman pushup... and he tries to get himself over to the paci or favorite toy (the set of stackable rings.) He also loves to eat and has liked everything we have given him. He has two bottom teeth and barely started to get a top one with the other one not too far behind! His hair is as curly as ever and I am constantly amazed at how small his little curls are. Some of our national friends cannot believe that its natural and they are convinced that I must do something to make it that curly!

In the morning, I open their door and check to see if they are awake. If they are awake, they usually are talking through the crib to each other and smiling and laughing. Once they see me, the sweet innocent fun is over and they WANT OUT! Josiah will pull up on the bed and Daniel still not quite as active as Josiah, so he reaches up as best he can and shakes his arms and legs waiting for me to get him! They know just what to do to warm this momma's heart in the morning (or any nap time wake up) and their waking up cuddles are the sweetest.

I love going to ch'ch here... There is not a nursery, so we all sit together in the back with our babies. There are about 7 kids under 2 and other children who sit in the back so we don't worry about our boys disturbing the service! But they LOVE being apart of the service. They both LOVE music! Seriously, they are FULLY African (with pretty sweet dance moves) and FULLY Rainbolt (with their LOVE of music). Josiah raises his hands and gets into it, and they both love to clap. They also know when its time to quiet down and often they sleep in our arms. We have lots of friends who want to just hang out after the service, so we sometimes end up staying until 2, so we give them a bottle and a late lunch when we get home and they are set.

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