Friday, March 29, 2013

the music of life

life as a mom has been the most glorious couple of months, and after being on 4 continents for 7 weeks, we finally made me back HOME. The boys love their South Asian house and life so far... Josiah LOVES to go outside with me to the market. There is so much to see and discover. Daniel is content to go, but he mostly wants to look and smile at me instead of the craziness around us at the market!

We were sitting around our living room just playing and our helper, Katie, turned on the blender in the kitchen. Josiah sat up with his back straight and started to clap and "sing". Every time the blender goes, he doesn't hear the buzz... he hears music! I love that! He really does love it when music comes on, and he starts singing, dancing, and raising his hands! Here is the lesson for me: my reaction to the world could be hearing music instead of chaos or just noise. Its hard to get away from people and noise and LIFE... but instead of trying to get away,  at times I need to just enjoy being in the middle of it. I could hear music and find joy instead of being upset that its too loud.

And here's daniel... playing on the floor contently with a whole shelf of toys, he is enjoying a small piece of lint. He does enjoy his toys, but he is content with simple toys as well. Gotta love that little boy... and his attitude that doesn't care about the things that "the world" says are "necessary", but he is content to learn and grow through little things. I know in my life, I see the lint as in the way, or something to get rid of, but I know that God wants me to learn and grow, not only through the BIG things, but also the little ones... that I just just see as annoyances, but I can find JOY in the midst of them.
Here are some pics that just make me smile!


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  1. I love your analogy about hearing music instead of noise and just enjoying being in the midst of 'chaos'. Very true for life here and what I want to strive for too. I'm so glad you are all 'home' now and settling into the beautiful routine of parenthood.