Sunday, January 6, 2013

my boys.

So, on Jan 2nd, the US embassy in Addis accepted our file, so now they will look over everything, do some interviews (with the ladies who found the boys) and then they will clear us to get a US visa, so we can go get our kiddos! The boys are legally our boys... they are Rainbolts, but they can't leave Ethiopia and come to America without this final step. Ryan and I have been eager to go get them, really every since we saw their face for the first time, but since leaving them in Nov, our hearts are pulled in two directions. One wanting to be invested in our work here, and the other wanting to be momma and daddy to our sons. It may be SOON that they clear us... it could be as quick and three weeks, or it could be as long as another few months. We have a pretty good chance that we will be cleared quickly, but you can never say for sure on these things. So pray that things will be smooth and that we will be patient as we wait for the lord's timing of our reuniting with our sons!
 As I think about going to get them soon, I want to share some of my little treasures that the LORD gave me through my boys... Each one is so unique and special, and I want to ponder and treasure every little thing about them. Here are some of my memories that I will never forget from my journal.

Josiah: His smile fills me heart with JOY! Through his midnight feedings, he was WIDE awake and ready to play and would not stop smiling when he sees me coming with a bottle, even at 2 am! He "talks" all the time! His legs are moving all the time like he's ready for action! His eyes are so big and adorable... his lips curl up cute when he "coos" and he loves his fingers in his mouth! He loves his brother and tries to play with him. He always wants another hug, and loved to splash in the bath! He loved his toe being tickled and takes his bottle really fast and even took his cold medicine like a champ! I will never forget that first look at Momma... he immediately bonded with me and is somewhat of a momma's boy. He loves getting his cheek kissed; it makes him smile really big! And he is always interested in whatever I have, especially when it's coffee! He wakes up quickly and his long lashes blink slowly when he is tired.  He is so extroverted and loved being around people! He actually snorted from laughing at momma once! He makes cute little "moans" when he is tired and fighting off sleep. His curiosity for the world is so exciting, and he is going to keep us on our toes. I know, little one, that you will love our world travels!
Daniel: That first laugh when I laid him on the bed and gave him Eskimo kisses... He belly laughed, and my heart soared! He grabs your hand when taking a bottle, like he doesn't want you to leave him to drink it alone! His dimpled smile laughing back at me! His adorable little chin, fingers, toes, bright eyes, and smile! He has such a sweet spirit that is content to sit and laugh at you for a long time. He copies his brother and wants to laugh and play with him too. He did not like his first bath, but the way he gripped my arms so he would feel safe made me happy. (by the next bath, he did better!) I could just watch him sleep for hours. Putting him to bed is so easy... just a passi and a blanket and he puts himself to sleep. That first smile at Daddy will always make me smile. The first "tummy time" on the quilt I sewed him, he licked it! He does not complain when I oiled his curls or when I tried to 'fix' them. He loves to sit quietly with momma and daddy, and he watched slept through Andy Griffith with us! His curly lashes are so long and handsome. He "fros" out his hair on one side while he is eating or trying to go to sleep.  His laugh is priceless! He wants to talk so bad, and he imitates lip and tongue movement to communicate! He lets me know he is hungry by lip smacking, and he is so calm and easy going. You, little man, are going to keep us in stitches with your funniness!

Ryan and I could not imagine any more perfect little boys! We are so blessed and so excited to get our embassy clearance hopefully in the next few weeks or month so we will be reunited as a forever family! We will keep your updated on when our trip to Ethiopia will be~

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