Friday, August 31, 2012


I love amazing smells... like fresh pumpkin, apple cider, vanilla nut coffee... Fall smells are the BEST! So, its rainy season here, which makes me think it should be fall already. The weather is a bit cooler and the rain keeps the humidity down for a while, so I am living it up. Unfortunately, Rainy season comes with a lot of smells, most of them not so good! I was riding in the crowded train thinking, "wow. How deodorant would revolutionize this place!" I was still walking around thinking how I could change this place and how at least my home smells of all the fall goodness... (through my Scentsy's and fall baking) I started thinking that I was a better person because I wear deodorant and I know what a good smell SHOULD be. and the Lord ever so gently reminded me of something... When he sees and smells south asia, He does not judge on the outside, but he looks at the hearts, and he LONGS for them to come to Him no matter what they smell like! It was like he said, "I love that smell... i MADE that smell..." He loves the dirty babies on the side of the road, He loves the hardworking man with grease under his nails, He loves the mother who has not had a bath in two weeks. I just forget sometimes that God doesn't expect us to come to Him after we are all cleaned up... he takes us, dirt and all. Smelly and grimy, like a loving father he cleans us up for HIS glory.  

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