Friday, August 31, 2012

Joy of a lifetime!!!!

So this adoption is continuing to teach me more and more about waiting on HIM... and this week, we were totally surprised at God's quick answer to our waiting for the next step! Completely unexpectedly, we were called and asked if we would be willing to take the next two boys that were up for referral! um... YEAH! We had said we wanted two, but boys or girls did not matter. I had felt in my deepest mommy heart that there were some brothers out there somewhere who needed a momma to keep them in line;) and when they send us their little pictures, we could not help but shed some tears of JOY.... wow. I honestly don't think it has really hit me yet, but when I look at their faces and imagine what men they will become, I am overwhelmed and I can't stop smiling! It is still maybe 4 months til we get to meet them... and then more waiting for another 4 months after that waiting on all the paperwork... but just knowing they are out there... its so surreal and exciting! I just can't stop praising the LORD! The boys are maybe a few weeks apart and were found in different places, but they are meant to be brothers! They are 2 1/2 and 3 months maybe... and they really are some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL little guys Ryan and I have ever seen. They are tiny but they have smiled and respond to noise and follow an object with their eyes. After we go finalize the adoption, there will be a multitude of pics on here! until then, you can trust us that these guys are some really amazing little creations of our Lord. We are so humbled that the Lord wants to entrust some of his greatest treasures with us, and even though they are not here with us yet, they sure are in spirit! and we long for the day we will meet and they will be our forever family! Josiah and Daniel, we LOVE YOU BABIES! You are the sweetest and we can't wait to hug you!


  1. Whoo hoo!!!! That totally ROCKS!!! I'm so excited!!!! whoo hoo!!!!! :)

  2. Gasp gasp gasp!!! TWO BABIES!!!! And they're NOT even twins?!! How incredible?!!! This is the first news I'm hearing of this. And I'm so very delighted for you!!! Josiah and Daniel. I love it!! Keep us posted. I want to put you in contact with a friend from hope who is also doin an overseas adoption. You and she could become friends and mentors. I desire for you get connected w her!! Her blog is something like Maybe??? She's on my fb too. Look her up. LAURA BETH MARTIN. she and her hubby had 3 biological kids but desire to do an adoption ( I think from Ethiopia also??) she is a pharmacist and co owns family pharmacy in hope.

  3. I am tearing up hearing about your sweet boys! I pray that the time passes quickly and that the Lord prepares you all for A-Day!