Friday, February 17, 2012

Our House!

Well... our "house" is really an apartment, but it is totally home, so we call it a house anyway! We found a flat, as they are called here, extremely fast, and PTL all the paper work was completed in record time! Ryan is the one of us that gets things done quickly, so he really gets all the credit. I had been pr-ing that when we saw the house, we would just KNOW. We liked the house, but I did not feel that I knew yet. The next morning we thought we would check out the neighborhood around the apartment, since we had only had time to see the inside before. When we walked on the street and saw the people and little shops... and we just KNEW! It was so clear, and then everything worked so quickly! We are on the 4th floor of 16. It is close enough that we can take the stairs, or wait for the elevator when we come home from the store with all our stuff!
 Here are some photos: 
 Our living room Before and After!

 Our Guest Bedroom. The rest of the rooms are still awaiting their furniture deliveries!
 Our Kitchen

 The view from outside our windows

 Our little park complete with music note benches!
Our playground!

Ryan cleaning the floor. I like the jump prints made by the dirt on his feet!


  1. LOVE the new place! What a view!

  2. I love it! How fun and beautiful! And I love the music note park benches too, of course! :) So glad He provided in perfect timing! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear about your other adventures and work soon!

  3. I love that your quilt looks good in the room!