Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Active boys!

The last few months have been FULL... with lots of work and teams coming to visit and work with us, but also with sweet moments as the boys have been growing so quickly. Right before our eyes they get bigger every day. Currently, they both are running everywhere and active all the time! Josiah still loves to be hugged and cuddled but he had a mind of his own and goes wherever he wants. He loves to swing and slide at our playground and thankfully we have a bit of grass to run in and the boys will run around and roll in the green grass. I do want to remember this as a gift- not everyone has clean grass to play in, or a swing and slide. Daniel has become such a little ham. He loves to make people smile and laughs all the time. He has one speed: FAST! He is a bit of a klutz and always finds a way to bump his head or scratch his knee. They have capes that they love to wear as they run around the house. They also were sent some amazing rain boots with Lighting McQueen on them. They tromp around with the capes and boots and I cannot imagine anything more fantastic than to play dress up with these little guys.

There is little more precious that watching little men develop right in front of our eyes. I see their spirit of compassion with each other but also see how they have a sin nature that tries to pull them in the wrong direction. They pull each others hair, they stomp their feet, they fall on the floor in a full on fit and I wonder if I am doing something wrong for them to so defiantly want to do the opposite of what I ask them. But this is life, and though I would rather not admit it, God could wonder the same thing about me. So often I know exactly what I should do,
- the thing that would please him- then I do the exact opposite. But he loves me anyway. He wants me to live out my love for him though obedience just like I want my sons to do with me a well as with God. Its all about the journey and each day along the way we make our choices. I want to chose right.

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