Sunday, June 2, 2013

one year olds!

There is nothing like a 1 year olds smile to melt a mommas heart! And I have two of them, so I am destined to spend my days melting at the sight of them! We are also melting in the heat, but the rains will come soon! Josiah had his birthday without a big ordeal... we had some friends drive up for a few days and our boys played with their boys! They are also adopting and getting to see more pics of their two little ones and hear stories about them made me really happy! Being seperated from your kids because you are waiting on paperwork is like no other pain I have dealt with, but I did find that it made me run to the cross so much more. And for now, our little guys are in their forever family, and I could not be any more thankful! They are sleeping in their bedroom and I get to have a Sunday afternoon catching up on blogging and planning their birthday party! I am so excited to celebrate the boys, and I cannot wait to see them eat the cake that I have planned. I will post pictures next week!

So Josiah... Here is your photo for your first year. There is no way I could write down all the things that I love about you and no camera can really catch how sweet your expressions really are! You are such a go-getter... just like Momma and your Hunny and I can only imagine what the lord has planned for your precious life. You catch on to things really fast, just like Daddy, and I love that you already seem to be understanding English and lots of Hindi too! I love how you suck your little fingers when you are tired and how you snuggle your favorite blankie every night. Your smile makes friends everywhere we go and your eagerness to do whatever Momma and Daddy ask you to do is amazing. I can't imagine what life would be without you, my little precious Gift from God... I want to become more like Jesus, so when you want to be more like me, it will be Jesus you are imitating. words cannot express the love I have you, but I think you know that already!
Daniel, my little man... You constantly amaze me. The last few weeks you have been growing and learning so much. You watch brother and try to do things like him, and you are totally catching up! I love to see you dance and your laugh, oh your precious laugh, is totally contagious! I have not yet found a person that can hear your laugh and not join in with at least a smile or giggle! When you get tickled when you are sleepy, there is no way your Daddy and I can stop laughing with you! We keep your stash of paci's to help you go to sleep, and even though you require rocking to put you to sleep for naps, your Daddy and I don't mind. Being your momma is one of my favorite blessings. You are such a good sport and are willing to go anywhere we drag you... and you seem to enjoy yourself, on trains, planes, buses! What an awesome little boy you are!
You both are everything I ever dreamed of in sons, and I can only say thanks to the lord for blessing us with you in these days! I pray that you find Jesus when you are young, and that you cling to him with ALL your might for ALL your days. I pray that you will want to serve him with your life and that you will desire to live a life that pleases Him. I pray for the women you will marry someday... and I pray that if she is alive now, that she has a loving family that is also teaching her about Jesus. I can't control how life turns out, but I trust the one who is in control of all things. To him be all the GLORY!

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