Thursday, October 18, 2012

9 days!!!

So the countdown has officially begun! It is only 9 days til we will be holding our little men. Oh HOW we look forward to that!!! We have been spending our free time out collecting toys, clothes, diapers, bottles... anything we might need as well as lots of donations to give to the care center. There are lots of older children that I know will actually be excited to get a new pair of shoes. Our boys are too little to care about shoes, they don't actually need them since they won't walk for quite a while... so I stopped looking in the baby shoes and moved up to older kid shoes! I cannot wait to meet some of the kids that are waiting for a family and play with them in the care center. I have seen some pictures and videos of others who have gone and the kids are so cheerful and playful and looking for attention and affection. I am so blessed that I can be there for a few days and share the love of the Father with them. Even though we will speak different languages, the love of the lord is greater than any language barrier.

We found some precious WASHABLE stuffed animals today and i cannot wait to see J hug his giraffe and D to hug his monkey! So much fun ahead!                      

We also just sent a package to America... they want it to be "parceled" and sewn around the box your stuff is in. After the sew it up, they you have to write the address with a sharpie on the material. Its so funny to me that India wants things to be all closed up to let you send, it, but I don't know if American customs likes having to go to more trouble to check the contents in customs. oh well.

We voted! We were proud citizens and turned our absentee ballots in at the US consulate and enjoyed the voting party there with mini burgers and sugar cookies with a flag painted on them! And of course they gave us a "I VOTED!" sticker. We even made the Indian news: If you would like to watch the clip click here.

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