Monday, July 23, 2012


One thing that the past few years that God is teaching me is about finding Joy in the midst of trials. Tears started as I watched the Beth Moore James video. What hit me the most was her clear statement about our anguish morphing into Joy. "The thing that was your heart-ache or horror, becomes the very thing that is so precious we can't imagine Life without it.... Only a redeemer can do that!" Man, that gets me so excited to press on and see what the LORD will do to turn our heart ache and anguish into JOY.
So adoption update- we cleared USCIS! This is the document that states that we are allowed to bring an orphan into our home, and to become a US citizen since they will be our legal kids! no, we still don't have a child matched with us yet, and no, we still don't know when we will travel, or when we can bring them home, but we will take whatever victories the Lord wants to give us! We are just jumping for joy that this cleared. In hind sight, we had nothing to fear, but we were worried that they might not clear us since we have Katie living in our home with us. She grew up in a orphanage in the foothills of the Himalayas, and a folded up paper written in Nepali was the only proof she had of her birth... Getting her the official documents and school registration cards has been a task, but it was all finished just before we went to turn in our paperwork. We had been warned there was a possibility that without more documents on Katie we might not pass. There just really nothing more that we could do but to trust the Lord. I had been lifting up the request that if they were going to need more info on her that we could not get, (it could mean that she would have to get a new place to live) that the Father would take His hand and cover her name so that it would not become a problem for any of us. I feel strongly that He did just that because I really am shocked that we passed so fast! It was less than a month, and they estimated that it would take 2 -3 months, (and this is South Asia!) But the Lord was good and let us not have to worry about it ANYMORE!!!!! All Glory to HIM!

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  1. That's wonderful how God expedited the approval. I am enjoying reading your blog. :)